One on One

30m - 60m

Have your tailored training program delivered in an ideal and private nature with One on One. Full attention and focus is on you for the entirety of each session. One on One is a great setting for in-depth instruction and guidance and the session is all about you and your goals.

  • 30m - $40
  •  45m - $55
  •  60m - $70

With 2 sessions a week your routine will be more regular, training more frequent and progress will be better made. Get most of your weekly exercise done with your personal trainer with the Weekly Pack and save in the process!

Weekly Pack

2 x 30m - 60m

  • 2 x 30m - $70
  • 2 x 45m - $95
  • 2 x 60m - $120

Bring some Friends

20m - 60m

Include friends and family in a personal training session to share in the rewarding journey of health and fitness or to make it more economical! To include extra people into these tailored sessions will only cost an additional $15 per extra person. And adding people to the weekly pack will cost $25 total per person for the two sessions.

  • +$15 per extra person, per session
  • +$25 per extra person, per Weekly Pack


20m - 60m+

If your training needs fall outside the above its time to get creative! Let me know what you need and I will let you know what I can do.

FREE Trial Session


Not sure if this will work for you? Want to try it out before you commit? Then get yourself in for a for a complimentary and obligation free 45 minute session. This session will serve as an introduction to the trainer, the process and of course the training! It will be like any other paid session with a complete focus on you and what you would like.

Payment Options and Security.

Fun and Functional Personal Training is not only accessible but also safe and secure in accepting payments. You can choose to either pay face to face using the portable EFTPOS facility (with PayWave available) , cash payment or through electronic funds transfer (bank transfer) and BPAY. 

Fun and Functional Personal Training currently accepts: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners, Discovery and JCB cards. Australian EFTPOS cards with Savings, Cheque and Credit options. 

How to Book.

Once you have decided on what session or sessions you would like to book with Fun and Functional Personal Training check the embedded calendar down the page for openings. In the form you send to Fun and Functional Personal Training simply select what session/sessions you would like and what time and dates you would like them.

If you are not sure of an exact time or date you would like the training you can just let me know in the form and we can work together to find a time that suits you best! So for example 'I'd like to start next week' or 'sometime in the afternoon on the weekend'. 

Fun and Functional Personal Training will then confirm the desired session, booking time, preferred payment option and subsequently make that timeslot unavailable on the calendar. The calendar is updated live and you can fully expect to get the time you want as long as it is shown as available.

Bookings available from 5 am to 10 pm.

Fun and Functional Personal Training delivers to a wide range of clients with an even wider range of needs throughout Canberra. Trained and always eager to work with people with special conditions and ailments and of varying levels of health. No one should miss out on the premium personal training Fun and Functional Personal Training offers.