Quality training direct to you.

'Fun and Functional Personal Training' is a mobile personal training service. The equipment and the trainer will come you - whether its in a nearby park or in your own living room. 

Getting Started.


Sessions are based on and crafted using a health and fitness 'profile' of you. This profile is created initially through questions and discussion and will be based largely on important factors such as injuries past and present and your current bill of health. If you have any conditions or illnesses its important that it is known so the trainer can work with it and provide the best sessions possible. Conditions and situations such as pregnancy or knee injuries greatly alter the suitability of exercises, so knowing these sort of factors beforehand just improves the quality and delivery of your personal training.

In the creation of your profile, a quick non invasive health screen is completed to make sure this service can be provided as safely as possible. I'll let you know as early as I can - ahead of our first session together - if you need clearance from a medical professional. 

You'll be able to stay connected with me, the trainer, through various avenues and I will endeavour to respond and keep in touch. This premium service does not end as the session does but continues from one to the next.

Now with your profile created and your goals set we can start working out!

The first session.


The first session will deviate only slightly from the 'average' session with Fun and Functional Personal Training. In our initial meeting there will be considerable ground work already done for your profile and it will simply be a process of a few quick questions and signatures before we jump into the interesting stuff. It's about making it feel less like  'paperwork and handshakes' and more like any other session with a short and painless prelude.


An 'average' session with Fun and Functional Personal Training.


This will be far from average. You can expect your sessions with Fun and Functional Personal Training to include:

  • Sealed 600ml bottle of water.
  • Fresh clean towel for your use.
  • All equipment needed.
  • And upon request - Training Program. 

Each session is your own tailored experience with everything needed provided.

What you will need to bring to a session with Fun and Functional Personal Training:

  • Yourself.

Just about everything is taken care of when training with Fun and Functional Personal Training - the only thing you need to worry about is answering the door!