Health and fitness is for everybody, everywhere.

Canberra is a busy place filled with busy people. Finding the time to workout and be active can be so hard sometimes. Quite often its the last thing on our mind. Some days its the last thing we want to do. But we need to do it! Staying active is a crucial part to health, well being, happiness and ultimately a good life. However getting down to the gym or making that scheduled class can become a chore or just isn't an option.

This is why Fun and Functional Personal Training exists - to bring quality personal training to the people who would otherwise miss out because they are too busy or occupied.


From super busy and ever occupied mums and dads to professionals before their morning commute, Fun and Functional Personal Training goes the extra mile to deliver quality personal training to those who once thought it just wasn't right for them.

This personal training is suitable for the young, elderly and special population.

Meet Bree.

Bree was a client of Fun and Functional Personal Training when it was based in Melbourne. She trained twice a week usually, sometimes three. Juggling life with her partner and three little girls, Bree didn't think conventional personal training would work for her and her busy and often chaotic life. But Fun and Functional Personal Training isn't exactly conventional.

Almost every session with Bree involved these little ones - Maddi, Harper and Sarah. They loved to get involved, play with the equipment and follow along with mum during her session. Crawling between our legs during lunges, trying to jump on mum during her planks and (as you can see above) they loved to join in the foam rolling and stretching. Some sessions they were quiet, some sessions they were loud  -  crying, screaming but always plenty of laughter. With Bree and her girls every session was a blast!

Bree was able to train with her personal trainer without having to worry about what to do with her kids because they were right there with her. Maddi, Harper and Sarah got to watch their mum, and take part too, as she lost weight, gained strength and mobility. Bree achieved new levels of fitness and health with her little girls by her side all the while in the comfort of her own home. 

It was an amazing experience to share the joys and benefits of fitness and activity with Bree and her children. Having the girls so closely involved and watching mum get up and move is a positive thing and more parents should approach fitness like this if they can. 

What about you?

Fun and Functional Personal Training has successfully delivered personal training sessions to a wide range of diverse clients. Clients have worked in sessions before work, before sunrise, after work, before and after dinner, before and after dropping the kids off at school, weekend mornings..basically when ever they could. People from all sorts of backgrounds and occupations have found the answer to their training woes with Fun and Functional Personal Training.

So what about you? Have you found some personal training services to be overpriced? Have trainers expected you to provide your own equipment or meet them somewhere that suits them? Struggling to find the time and effort to get active? Then let Fun and Functional Personal Training take care of you and your training needs. There is no need for you to worry about equipment, programs or reporting to a gym (or anywhere) on time. This is quality personal training and premium service delivered to you, wherever you may be. And all without that price tag that usually comes with it.